FlexSea’s decomposition does not harm the environment – on the contrary, the high nitrogen content in seaweed fertilises the soil, promoting healthy and robust growth of nearby vegetation.

FlexSea is home compostable and naturally biodegrades in nature in both marine and soil environments, without the need of specialised industrial composting facilities and leaving no harmful trace behind.
From nature, to nature.

FlexSea is 100% edible, which opens a whole new and unexplored world of innovative packaging applications. Every component that makes up FlexSea has been approved by numerous government agencies to be used and consumed with food.

The production process requires little amounts of energy, with temperatures not exceeding 95°C, compared to petroleum-based plastics or existing bioplastics that often require temperatures of 170°C+.

FlexSea can be made as cheaply as many existing plastics. This is because it comes from seaweed, a superabundant natural resource, and because the production process is so simple, requires low energy, and produces no waste.

FlexSea is infinitely recyclable: any waste material is put back into the industrial process for it to be reused, resulting in a zero-waste production process.

FlexSea can be ingested by both terrestrial and aquatic animals with no harm, as it will simply be digested as nutritious food.