Carlo Fedeli

CEO & Founder

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Warwick Business School and a Master’s Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Imperial College London, he has a well-rounded background in marketing, advertising, finance, operations and project management. Carlo has always had a strong passion for everything innovative and sustainable. He is a strong believer in that there can always be a way to improve upon what already exists.

Thibaut Monfort-Micheo

CTO & Founder

A graduate material engineer and scientist from Imperial College London, Thibaut developed a strong interest for biomaterials during his studies. With a strong research-based background, he also has developed a unique versatility due to the broad range of projects he was involved in, from graphene-based hydrogels to ceramics and design engineering, collaborating with teams at Purdue University and MIT.

Mattia Parati

Chief Scientific Officer

Completing his PhD at University of Wolverhampton, Mattia has deep knowledge in biopolymers and seaweed biomass.

Dr. Andrew Maneffa

Lead Chemist

Doctor in Green and organic chemistry from the Centre of Excellence of the University of York, Andy has experience in small molecule chemistry with Nestle.

Dr. Afifa Anis


Experienced biotechnologist, Afifa has perfected the craft of bioreactors and microorganism cultivation as well as biopolymer processing.

Sevven Smith

Junior Chemist

Master’s in Chemistry from the University of Oxford, Seven took the path of sustainable polymers in his last year and pursues his work with formulations at FlexSea.

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