Same minds, same origins,
same ambitions but different

While both of our founders have a keen interest in sustainability, they took a different path to the Green future. Having followed environmental initiatives and projects since their young age, Carlo was keener to dig in the exciting business aspect while Thibaut delved into the depth of science and engineering.

Carlo Fedeli

CEO & Founder

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Warwick Business School and a Master’s Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Imperial College London, he has a well-rounded background in marketing, advertising, finance, operations and project management. Carlo has always had a strong passion for everything innovative and sustainable. He is a strong believer in that there can always be a way to improve upon what already exists.

Thibaut Monfort-Micheo

CTO & Founder

A graduate material engineer and scientist from Imperial College London, Thibaut developed a strong interest for biomaterials during his studies. With a strong research-based background, he also has developed a unique versatility due to the broad range of projects he was involved in, from graphene-based hydrogels to ceramics and design engineering, collaborating with teams at Purdue University and MIT.

Open the world's eyes to
possibilities beyond plastic

We do not want to demonise plastic. Plastic is a fantastic material for certain applications that require its very unique specifications. Plastic helps us save lives in hospital, travel, work, deliver goods all over the world and live our day to day life. Plastic is extremely resistant to time, temperatures weather conditions and this is a great advantage for many applications.

“The packaging of the future is born in nature,
serves its purpose, and returns to nature
in a harmless way”

Yet, the majority of plastic and packaging is single-use, only meant to be used once and then discarded, often ending up in the oceans and water systems around the world. A series of questions therefore arises: why would a product, which only serves its purpose in one specific moment, need to last forever? Why should the packaging of a product last hundreds if not thousands of years more than the product itself? Afterall, plastic is made of oil and, despicably, our modern economy depends on oil. But oil being such a scarce resource, why waste it in such a futile way? Plastic’s greatest strength is therefore also its greatest weakness: its durability.

We want to innovate and change the way we see and use plastics. At FlexSea we believe the packaging of the future to be a packaging that is born in nature, serves its purpose, and returns to nature in a harmless way. A packaging that is built to exist, protect and preserve its contents only for the duration that these exist for.

At FlexSea, the future is now.

What drives us to change
the world of packaging

FlexSea aims at creating jobs in every community in the entire value chain, as well as pushing for the development of the seaweed industry which could provide new sources of revenues in certain coastal areas of the world.

By developing a novel solution and alternative to single-use plastics, FlexSea can have a major impact on plastic pollution in all its forms. From toxic waste leaching from plastics in the oceans and landfills, to micro-plastics nefarious effects in the whole food chain – including us, we aim at making the world a safer place for all species.

While our main goal is environmental, it is crucial to point out to economic crisis caused by single-use plastics and waste in general. For instance, the recollection alone of plastics that is dumped in the environment represents a $72bn bill every year, while the amount of plastic lost after its use is worth $120bn per annum. Sustainable growth will be possible with renewable resources and by implementing circular processes in the value chain.

FlexSea can only exist thanks to its innovative nature. That includes the resource we use, the process we develop and the product we offer. We create a new solution to the plastics industry but also aim at remodelling the value chain by implementing innovative business ideas, sustainable processes and circular economies for everyone everywhere.

By engaging local communities in the value chain and eliminating waste, we develop a responsible environment where the end customer is incentivised and educated on how to consume more responsibly from sustainable industries. Hence they becomes an active member of both economic traction and global change.

No waste, less pollution, low energy-consuming process, and carbon-negative raw material. The list goes on. FlexSea is not just a seamless solution for the consumer but a global project for a greener future.

FlexSea’s raw material – seaweed – is readily cultivated in many places around the globe. These seaweed farms attract a high degree of biodiversity and provide shelter for smaller fish and calm water bodies, which in turn attract bigger fish and other marine life. Additionally, FlexSea also has a major impact on land by reducing the quantity of plastic that land fauna is exposed to and it may eat – a success above and below the water!